Serving Our Community

Serving the Southern Maryland Community is Part of Our Job

Our community has been very good to us over the years, and we try to repay that kindness. As part of our commitment to service, the attorneys and staff of Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett have always been actively involved in bettering our community here in Waldorf, Lexington Park, and all of Southern Maryland. We believe giving back to the community is a very important part of our job.  Here are some examples.

Non-Profit Legal Counsel

justice scalesSeveral of us serve as general counsel to various local non-profit organizations. And we do work for other non-profit organizations on an as-needed basis. We do this as volunteers without expectation of any fee. This helps those organizations keep their precious funds targeted where they do the most good.

Some of those organizations are local churches, the Center for Children, Mason Springs Conservancy, and many others.

Warrior Princess Initiative

Princess tiaraThe Warrior Princess Initiative is a Southern Maryland community group that lifts the spirits of children facing life-threatening illnesses. They provide sashes, crowns, certificates and other “royal” goodies, which are presented to the children at a party where they are crowned as “Warrior Princesses.” This encourages the children in fighting their illness.

The Warrior Princess Initiative is applying for non-profit status with Maryland and the IRS. We serve as their legal counsel. We have created their corporation and will assist them with the IRS 501(c)3 application procedures.

We donated our time and even donated the filing fees involved, so all of their funds can be used directly for sick children. 

A Legal Trust for a Sick Child

When a 3-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia, family and friends poured out their hearts – and their wallets – to help. The family needed to pay for costly treatments and opened a separate bank account for donations.

The bank told them they needed to establish a trust, and they came to us.  We gladly set up the trust for them free of charge, so none of the donated money would have to be spent on legal fees.

This allowed the family to accept all donations without fear of tax problems. 

A Bankruptcy for a Homeless Man

tent for homelessWe had a homeless man referred to us. He had lost everything and wasn’t able to use bank accounts or get a job due to garnishments.

We did a pro bono bankruptcy for him to relieve him of the debts that made a normal life impossible.

The bankruptcy process wiped out his debts and gave him the fresh financial start he needs so he can begin to put his life back together again. We are happy to report he is doing much better today.


Helping Churches & Church Ministries

We have represented many of our local churches for no fee in a wide variety of matters. We can help churches with corporate matters, non profit, and directly supporting specific church ministries.

Sometimes, we even pay the fee as a donation.

We even helped to start the corporate life of a non profit that sends medical personnel and other supplies to a very remote section of a Central American country.

A Bankruptcy for a Military Family

soldier and flagAfter an unexpected illness, a local military family found itself with thousands of dollars in medical bills they were unable to pay. Adding to their financial woes, they were the victims of an email scam that cost them their entire savings. They came to us desperately. They needed a bankruptcy but were unable to pay even the filing fees.

We were able to handle their bankruptcy for them at a greatly reduced cost, and let them pay off the small debt when they were able. This allowed them to wipe the slate clean and they are now well on their way to financial recovery.