Freezing Your Credit Really Works!

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freeze creditA couple of months ago, after the big Equifax credit hack, I took the plunge and froze my credit. I blogged about it on this site and gave a tutorial and step by step guide to freezing your credit. If you haven’t read that post yet, you should do so now. Many people I know, including my mother, were able to use the post to freeze their credit too. 

This past week, I had dramatic proof that freezing your credit really works. It almost cost my business a promotional rate for a new service we are buying! 

We are switching credit card services at our firm. The new service had a promotion going through the end of January. In the process of signing up, the new service wanted to run a credit check on one of the owners of the business. Without thinking, I just gave them my information and permission to run a credit check. 

I received frantic emails and phone calls from the salesman Monday. He tried to run a credit check on me and found out my credit was frozen. I simply hadn’t thought about that when I gave the company permission to run a credit check. But they were stuck unless they contacted me to unfreeze my credit for them. 

It all worked out, and right under the wire too. But this was a great illustration of a very legitimate agency using a well known service that was unable to see my credit because it was frozen. Now think about what a great security barrier that will be to a hacker or thief looking to steal my credit.

At the very least, I have made it dramatically harder to steal my credit. And that usually means the bad guys will go elsewhere to find an easier target. If you haven’t frozen your credit yet, I strongly recommend you do so as soon as you can. 

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frozen credit card

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