Local Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

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witness with exclamation markExperiencing and act of domestic violence is an overwhelming experience. Along with the psychological and physical trauma you also face legal and emotional issues. 

You should get help – and you should get that help immediately.

Below is list of resource that can help you deal many of the issues that you will face. They can provide you with support and guide you through the process of getting the protection you need. 

We strongly advise you to contact one or more of these organizations form the start. Don’t wait until you have a question or a problem. They can give guidance on how to do this right, and they can provide answers to questions you haven’t even thought of. At the very least, they will confirm the actions you are taking and give you the confidence that you are on the right track.

24 Hour Hotlines

Call these hotlines any time for immediate advice and assistance. They will walk you through everything you need to do now.

  • The Center for Abused Persons in Charles County (301-645-333)
  • The House of Ruth Hotline for all of Maryland (410-889-7884) 

Support and Advocacy Organizations – Charles County

Call these organizations for help and advice if you live in Waldorf or Charles County:


Support and Advocacy Organizations – St. Mary’s County

Call these organizations for help and advice if you live in Lexington Park or St. Mary’s County:

  • Walden/Sierra
    Hotline: 301-863-6661
    30007 Business Center Dr, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622


21933 Bundy Rd, Bldg 2090
Patuxent River , MD 20670


Support and Advocacy Organizations – Prince George’s County

Call these organizations for help and advice if you live in Clinton, Brandywine, or Prince George’s County:


1191 Menoher Drive, JB Andrews, MD, United States 20762


Support and Advocacy Organizations – Calvert County     

Call this organizations for help and advice if you live in Calvert County:

Crisis Intervention Center
Hotline: 410-535-1121
Route 4 at Hospital Road P.O. Box 980 Prince Frederick, MD 20678


Support and Advocacy Organizations – State Wide Directory

This website lists all of the domestic violence support organizations throughout the state of Maryland.

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

Legal Assistance

The first and best place to go for direct legal assistance is Maryland Legal Aid.

Maryland Legal Aid

Southern Maryland Office
15045 Burnt Store Road
Hughesville, MD 20637
Local Phone Number: (301) 932-6661
Toll Free Phone Number: (877) 310-1810

Volunteer Lawyer Assistance Program

You can also contact the local Courthouse Clerk’s office to find out about the volunteer lawyer assistance program dates and times. This is a program of the local Bar Associations to provide a lawyer on site at the courthouse during specific times. You can meet and get personal advice for your situation for free during these meetings.

  • Charles County Clerk of Court – 301-932-3201
  • St. Mary’s County Clerk of Court – 301-475-7844
  • Calvert County Clerk of Court – 410-535-1660
  • Prince George’s County Clerk of Court – 301-952-3318


Online Guides

These are places on the internet where you can find more information about how to protect yourself and your family during a domestic violence crisis.

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