Knock! Knock! It’s the IRS!


detectiveFrom our friends at Askey, Askey & Associates, CPA’s, we find out that the IRS recently announced they will be sending revenue officers to make unannounced visits to the homes of those with significant ongoing tax compliance issues.

What could go wrong!

The IRS says this will only happen to those who have failed to resolve issues by mail, or have failed to respond to attempted contact by mail. It will not likely happen to you just because you have a question on your taxes this year!

Maybe we are jaded lawyers, but we can see nothing but bad things coming from this.

First of all, those with “tax compliance issues” are likely to be those who have an allergic reaction to an IRS agent showing up on their doorstep. They might actually be (gasp) truly bad people that no unarmed civil enforcement officer should confront. This might get ugly.

Second of all, how long do you think it will take for the scam artists to pick up on this one? I am guessing there are some scam artists out there knocking on doors with their fake IRS badges right now.

Helpfully, the IRS told us how to spot a real IRS revenue enforcement officer. They have to have two forms of official identification, and one has to be a HSPD-12 card – whatever that is. I am sure someone is already making fake HSPD-12 cards in their basement right now.

And the revenue officer must provide a phone number you can call to verify their identification. Of course, the revenue officer provides you with that number. So I am sure you can trust the person on your doorstep to give you only the official IRS phone number!

Also helpfully, the IRS said that while revenue officers will seek payment, it won’t be by things like Itunes gift cards or prepaid credit cards, which are typically used by scammers.

No offense to the IRS, but I don’t think any of those tips is helpful. And I am only seeing a huge open door for scam artists now to come prowling around our neighborhoods and swindling people out of money from their own door step. I think this is crazy.

So after being told for years that the IRS will not call you or email you – only scammers do that when claiming to be the IRS – we now find out that the IRS will actually knock on your door. If all that sounds a bit silly to you, you are not alone.

Our advice – don’t make payment to an IRS revenue officer that shows up at your door. Take their information and hire a professional to deal with this. If this happens to you, and you have tax compliance issues, call a CPA immediately – like our friends at Askey, Askey & Associates.


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