The Annual Poinsettia Toss

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

(What a great slogan! We should trademark that.)

Every year we buy a bunch of poinsettia’s to decorate the lobby for Christmas. And every year in January, we toss the old poinsettia plants into the dumpster from our second floor window!

Of course we make a contest out of it! Watch to see our staff struggle to get the plants into the dumpster. It’s an annual tradition here!

2020 Poinsettia Toss

Kendall and D’Erra  are the winners!



2019 Poinsettia Toss

2019 – Was there one winner or should it be declared a tie?

2018 Poinsettia Toss

2018 Winner – Tucker Clagett

2017 Poinsettia Toss

2017 Winner – Nobody! All misses.

2016 Poinsettia Toss

Winner of the 2016 Poinsettia Toss – Vicki Rickett

2015 Poinsettia Toss

Winner of the 2015 Poinsettia Toss – Almost everybody! We must have had favorable winds and small poinsettias this year.

2014 Poinsettia Toss

The start of a great annual tradition! (Or at least the first one we filmed for posterity. We can’t remember.)

This years winners were Cameron Methner and our settlement agent Vicki Rickett.  Jessica Andritz has been barred from future competitions for almost hitting the cameraman. 

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