Coronavirus Plans for 2020

Yes! We Are Open!

We are open & working during the coronavirus epidemic! We spent the last 5 years becoming more digital and cloud based and now that is going to pay off.

Video Conferences: We offer video meetings using Zoom video conferencing software for any client who doesn’t want to come to our office. Phone meetings are always available for your convenience.

Email: We can email all necessary documents like retainers, medical authorizations, etc. So you can still see us, interact with us, and even sign your important legal documents – all from the comfort of your home.

Scanning: We can all scan to pdf and email documents. You can too! We encourage everyone to get one of the many free pdf scanner apps available for your smart phone. See this link for a good list.

Sending documents via photo is hard. They are large files and usually come out too dark. With a pdf scanner app, you use your camera to take the photo but the app turns it into a pdf document – easy to store, easy to email, and easy to see!

Remote Employees: We have equipped our employees to work remotely should the need arise. We are fully digital and cloud based. Our office phones use the internet. So our staff can talk to you on their office phone from their own homes (if things get that bad). And everyone can access documents on the cloud and use email to send you whatever you need.

Coming To Our Offices: You can still come in to our offices if you need to, but you have to make arrangements to be sure someone is there. We already made the office a “handshake free zone” and have plenty of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes. But since we did this in mid-March, work from home is becoming the norm so we may not physically be in the office if you try to stop in. Call first. 

Dropping Off Documents: If you just need to drop something off we have a drop box out front. See our contact us page for details and a photograph of the drop box (it is next to the mailboxes just as you drive in). We can get your documents and scan them to whoever needs them.

We worked hard to set up these systems so we won’t miss a beat when it comes to handling your case!

So please call us (301-645-4100) or email us ( and set your appointment today. 


How to Use Zoom for Video Meetings

You can have a face to face meeting with your attorney today. We are using Zoom. Each attorney has this capability. All you need is a smart phone or computer, and an email address.

Zoom is wonderful and very user friendly. It is the most used video conferencing software in small business (and getting a LOT more popular in recent weeks). It is safe & secure to use.

All we need is your email and we can invite you to a meeting. All you have to do is go to the Zoom  download page and download the app to your computer or phone. Choose to download “Zoom client for meetings” on your computer. Scroll to the bottom and choose “Zoom mobile apps” for your Iphone or Android. Installing is quick and easy. The app is lightweight.

We will send you an email with a link to click and you will be face to face with your attorney. (You can also do this through your browser without downloading the software if you prefer, but it may not work as well.)

And you do not have to be on camera with us. Zoom allows a meeting with only one person on camera. The other person can have audio only. And you can call in by regular phone line. So you can keep your camera off and still see your attorney talking to you on his or her computer.